About Us

Pinnacle Pipe & Heavy Haul Ltd., a PLH Group Company, is a leader in the pipe and heavy-haul industry. The company commenced operations in February 2012, purchasing a fleet of new trucks and trailers that is second to none.

This well-rounded fleet consists of large Kenworth trucks, including tandem-axel units focused on pipe and equipment hauling capabilities, as well as tri-axle winch trucks for larger equipment and winchable loads. The fleet also has more than 80 trailers, including 53 foot tri-axle highboys and multiple lowboy configurations ranging to 10 axles and 40 wheel combinations.

Specializing in oilfield-related hauling

Haul pipe from 2 to 20 inches

Heavy equipment of any size

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Our diverse and highly functional fleet of equipment, along with our skilled workforce of experienced operators, enables us to deliver complete pipe and heavy haul services necessary to accommodate all our customer’s requirements.