Leader in Pipe and Heavy Haul

Pinnacle Pipe & Heavy Haul Ltd., a member of the PLH Group of Companies, is a leader in the pipe and heavy haul industry.

We focus our energies in pipe haul from 2″ to 20″ and heavy equipment, of any size. We cover distances from 50 – 1,500+ km.

Pinnacle Pipe is serving many oilfield related customers across Western Canada, including Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Manitoba.

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In February of 2012 Pinnacle Pipe began operations. At that time we purchased a well rounded fleet of new trucks and trailers that are second to none.

Our diverse and highly functional fleet of equipment enables Pinnacle to deliver complete pipe and heavy haul services necessary to accommodate all of our customers’ requirements.

We Value Safety and Health

cor-homePinnacle Pipe is proud to meet national standards for the Certificate of Recognition program (COR™).

By reaching the COR™ standards, Pinnacle Pipe demonstrates that it meets and exceeds the standards for this occupational health and safety accreditation program. COR™ verifies a fully implemented safety & health program which meets national standards.

By maintaining a strong safety culture at Pinnacle Pipe, we achieve sound operational practices and efficient project execution on all our jobs.